Rediscover and enjoy your garden all year round with our eye catching 360 degree igloo.




Include VAT and Delivery

2-6 people

3.03m diameter

2.5m base diameter

2.3m height



Include VAT and Delivery

4-10 people

3.72m diameter

3.2m base diameter

2.5m height



Include VAT and Delivery

Up to 16 people

4.76m diameter

4.2m base diameter

2.7m height

About 360° Igloo

The 360° igloo is both lightweight and sturdy, making handling and positioning effortless, through its aerospace grade aluminium frame. There is no need for a special or permanent base, as once situated it can be fixed to the ground with plates, which are included. This allows a short set up time of only 40 minutes with two people, made even easier as all the tools come provided. 
The cover is made from a 0.8mm PVC film, with a robust zip which makes a 2.5m doorway. In addition to this a plug and lighting system, including three Phillips Vintage lightbulbs, is provided with the igloo, enabling you to create a unique and ambient space outside of your home. 
The 360 degree igloo doesn’t just have to just be used in the garden either, it is also suitable for commercial use, such as for restaurants, hotels and out-door events.


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